About us

Company Profile:

Aviyan Aero is your best choice for quality aircrafts parts. We offer a wide range of certified parts that include Engine, Engine parts, airframe, Tires, avionics, Aircrafts lighting and Electrical and ground support equipment. Since our clients deserve the best, a team of experts is working around the clock to insure that your fleet is constantly running.

Our senior management has over 15years of combined experience in the industry. They provide leadership and guidance to our operations staff to help our customers focus on their business rather.

We believe in simplifying the global market of valued aviation products and services. By this we mean to solve the real problems our market faces. This involves the long term care of our suppliers, customers and partners. We build value and trust by meeting the commitments in our products and services.

We thank you for your intrust in Aviyanaero  and welcome your ideas for even better ways to work together. Please contact us at: sales@aviyanaero.com