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Aviyan Aero Maintenance represents many airlines in the role of on site representative providing new aircraft build inspections. As a new aircraft is a costly acquisition, an experienced representative can assist the airline to ensure all aspects of the aircraft build are reviewed. In addition, build issues that may arise during manufacture can be addressed quickly with a representative on site. This not only allows for a review of the issue early in the build process, it also saves valuable time during the aircraft delivery process, when often many airline personnel are on site, and away from their daily duties.

We traditionally follow your aircraft from the start of the manufacture process through to delivery, carefully monitoring every step to ensure a quality product. In addition, we have the manufacturer add protection and improvements when possible to areas that suffer from operational fatigue. We provide the airline with a detailed inspection format based on specific build stages and include an electronic report at the completion of each stage.

Regarding our service as the customer representative, here are some valid benefits in contracting our company:

  • Cost savings and efficiency. The airline does not have to pay per diem, hotel, travel or car rental for local representation. Nor is the representative taken away from daily duties.

  • The cost for the inspection process will be covered the first time we can prevent a delay at the gate or down time due to a factory/build fault. Aircraft are essentially hand built; although manufactures have excellent quality systems in place, an extra set of eyes during the build is a valuable tool. The loss of revenue on one or two missed revenue flights caused by a build delay could be avoided, and the gain of that same revenue would more than cover the cost of the inspection.

  • Aviyan Aero experience with manufacturer’s QA and build process eliminates the learning curve for the customer.

  • Aviyan Aero accumulation of known manufacturer discrepancies again eliminates the learning curve for the customer.

  • Aviyan Aero system of inspection criteria and checklist is set in place with manufacturers and covers a comprehensive inspection of the entire aircraft and is flexible to customer specific needs.

  • Aviyan Aero Maintenance provides a constant update during the build of each customer aircraft, and a final report provided to the customer at the end of each delivery.

  • Time savings. At the end of the manufacture and during the delivery, we have consistently reduced the delivery schedule.

  • Aviyan Aero also has experience with line turns and heavy maintenance requirements, due to the involvement with initial start-ups, and with heavy maintenance and C checks.

We trust that some of these benefits will satisfy an airline as good reasons to use Aviyan Aero Maintenance as your customer representatives. Please feel free to contact us for a list of airlines we represent, or refer to our Testimonials page.